Teacher Activities

Activity 1 Bison or Buffalo?
Activity 2 Touching the Bison
Activity 3 Life Cycle of a Bison
Activity 4 Bison Wallows
Activity 5 Chomp! Plop! How a Bison Gets Food In and Out
Activity 6 How Big is a Bison?
Activity 7 Bison by the Numbers
Activity 8 If a Bison Could Give Advice
Activity 9 Where Did the Bison Go?
Activity 10 Surveying the Buffalo Trace
Activity 11 Rangers of the Buffalo Trace
Activity 12 The Floating House
Activity 13 Using the Bison as a Symbol
Activity 14 Traveling the Buffalo Trace: Wrap-up Review Game
Activity 15 Who are the Native Americans of Indiana?
Activity 16 Follow the Bison Tracks
Activity 17 Deliver the Mail
Activity 18 Raising Bison